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Patio Door Replacement
October 30, 2019 / in Patio Door Replacement and Installation Archives  / by Gene Kirzhner

Patio Door Replacement FAQs

At Desert King Windows, we offer a large selection of patio doors to choose from to match your home’s décor. All of these doors come in different colors, hardware, and reflect different designs. Your custom patio door will be configured to the specifications that you need to make sure that it fits exactly. Our professional team can provide you information on the variety of doors that we offer to help you to choose the best one for your replacement project. We offer Riviera French sliding doors and classic French doors.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Patio Door?

The cost to replace a patio door depends on the type of door you choose and the material it is made of. Our team can offer you transparent pricing, including installation when you’re choosing which patio door will fit your home best.

Which Is Better: Sliding or French Doors?

This depends on your design and your personal taste. Sliding doors are quite functional and help you to save space, while French doors give a different vibe. Neither is better, but one may be more preferred than the other by a customer.

What Is the Best Material to Use for Patio Doors?

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty door, try a fiberglass door or one of our Titan security doors. When it comes to the best material, all of our doors are made of high-quality materials, so they all are a great choice.

Learn More About Patio Door Replacement

At Desert King Windows, we are always ready to help our customers choose the best patio door replacement. We serve clients in Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV, respectively. To learn more about patio and entry doors for your home, call us today at (480) 785-3923 or use our contact page on our website www.desertkingwindows.com.