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Entry Door Replacement

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Entry Door

A home’s front door represents its personality and is at the foundation of its curb appeal, but it does a lot more than that. The front door provides a sense of privacy, as well as protection from both the elements and intruders. If the function of your front door is compromised by rotting wood or an old frame from which it does not properly hang, it’s time to hire some experts. At Desert King Windows, we’ve got a fine selection of beautiful and durable replacement doors, as well as experienced contractors to install them.

Front Door Replacement

There are many things you may want to consider when it comes to choosing a new front door. If you live in an area where humidity or UV rays contributes to the deterioration of wood, you might want to consider a door made of fiberglass composite or steel. Some of these doors come in designs that mimic the beauty of an old, solid wood door, but are more durable and can give you enhanced security.

Exterior Door Replacement

A low-maintenance and energy-efficient exterior door will increase the value of your home. It will also save you money in utility bills, as new exterior doors tend to come with pre-hung frames designed to keep your heat or air conditioning in while keeping the weather out. At Desert King Windows, we offer a large selection of beautiful exterior doors that complement the design of your home. With the available modern materials, it’s no longer necessary to trade beauty for efficiency and function. Our experienced contractors also offer the exterior door replacement installation you deserve.

Patio Doors

Doors that lead to a patio come in many different styles, and you can choose one that best suits your needs. You may want one that does not overly compromise your privacy or one with a more open feeling that brings the outdoors into your home. In any case, patio doors with the Energy Star rating can provide you with the energy efficiency you need, while adding the beauty of the outdoors to your home. Some modern patio doors even have internal blinds, and additional features allow you to control the amount of light that comes in.

Check Out Our Options for Door Replacement

The door is the entryway to your home and your world. It’s the first thing people see when they come to visit, and it’s the main barrier between you, your family, and the outside world. At Desert King Windows, we know you want to make a great first impression, as well as keep your family secure. Call us today at (480) 785-3923 or use our contact page on our website www.desertkingwindows.com to learn more about our selection of front, exterior, and patio doors for your home. We serve clients in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada.