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Get Security Door Installation from Industry Leaders

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Get Security Door Installation
from Industry Leaders

In today’s challenging urban environment, and even in suburban and rural areas, nearly all homeowners have security concerns. Criminals who break into homes have many innovative ways to get in, and it’s been estimated that a burglary takes place in the United States once every 18 seconds. Believe it or not, about a third of burglars will find a way to enter through the front door of a home, often getting away with your money and possessions because so few of them are arrested. Given all these sobering facts, having a reliable security door installed by industry leaders is the sensible thing to do.

Features Needed for Security Doors

When you’re shopping around for a new security door, there are several things you need to consider. For instance, if you seek durability, the inside of the door should never be hollow. Security doors constructed of steel have longtime been regarded as the strongest, but you may want to consider a door made from aluminum alloy that is even six times stronger than steel. Desert King Windows offers dozens of designs and colors to compliment your home’s curb appeal and style.

A security door should also never contain any glass, as burglars can break the glass and get to the lock inside. Your door should have a strong deadbolt lock that goes all the way into your home’s frame. Desert King Windows offers attractive security doors that meet all of your security needs at a reasonable price.

Security Door Installation

A security door plays an important role in keeping intruders out. A pre-hung door that comes with its own new frame will ensure a tight and secure seal. This type of door is also necessary if your door and frame are old and deteriorating. Professional installation is always recommended so that the deadbolt works properly, and the door and hinges are correctly aligned. The contractors at Desert King Windows will install your new security door so that you can operate it with confidence and ease.

Titan Security Doors

At Desert King Windows, we offer Titan security doors, a state-of-the-art product. Constructed of an almost indestructible aluminum alloy, these doors are stronger than steel, yet they come in many styles and colors to complement your home. We have both single and double door designs that enhance any decor, and our representatives will be happy to go through the selection with you so you can choose the door that is right for you. Titan security doors are also energy-efficient, and you’ll never have to worry about them rusting, even in the most humid weather.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home Secure

At Desert King Windows, we know you want to keep intruders out without making your home look like a prison. Come to our showroom and check out our security doors. You’ll be surprised to find out how attractive they are!

To learn more about our selection of durable, reliable security doors, call us at (480) 785-3923 or use our contact page on our website www.desertkingwindows.com today.

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