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Fairfield 80 Series
Vinyl Windows

Innovations in Window Technology

When you choose Fairfield 80 Series Windows from Alside, you’ll enjoy beauty, performance and strength. Fairfield 80 Series Windows deliver energy-saving innovations while lending the perfect touch of elegance to your home. Using the latest technology, Fairfield Windows precision-welded frame and sashes along with a 1″ thick insulated glass unit with optimal air space improves year-round performance.

The side-load sash design operates on two concealed, pre-calibrated block and tackle balances. And the removable screens make cleaning quick and easy. Plus, they’ll pay for themselves with easier maintenance, lower energy costs and higher resale values.

This product is available in our Western distribution area.

Features and Benefits

  • Fusion-welded frame and sashes for increased strength and integrity.
  • Multi-walled extrusions provide superb welding strength and structural integrity.
  • 3-3/8″ frame depth for multiple applications.
  • Side-load sash operates on two concealed, pre-calibrated block and tackle balances.
  • Full capture sill enhances protection from air and water infiltration.
  • Full weatherstripping on the perimeter provides greater energy savings.
  • PAL – Postive Action Locks – allows the homeowner to close and lock the window in one single motion. As the bottom sash closes, the locking mechanism is engaged by the keeper, locking the bottom sash in place.  ADA Postive Action Lock is also available.

PAL - Positive Action Lock

ADA PAL - Positive Action Lock

Cross Section

  1. Premium vinyl mainframe and sashes are colored throughout – won’t chip, peel, crack or warp and never need to be painted.
  2. Multi-chambered mainframe and sash construction create effective insulating air spaces for thermal efficiency.
  3. 1″ thick insulated glass unit with optimal air space improves year-round performance.
  4. Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System helps block the transfer of heat and cold for reduced energy use.
  5. Interlock at sash meeting rails increases  strength and reduces air infiltration.
  6. Metal reinforcement in the meeting rails increases rigidity and strength.
  7. Fully extruded dual lift rails provide easy and convenient operation of the sashes.
  8. Drop-in glazing for added energy efficiency and interior aesthetic appeal.
  9. Full capture sillenhances protection from air and water infiltration.
  10. Hidden screen track for added beauty

Interior Colors



Desert Clay*

Exterior Colors



Desert Clay*


Architectural Bronze**


Interior Grids

5/8'' Standard Colonial

5/8" Standard Prairie

5/8'' Standard Craftsman

3/4'' Contoured Colonial

3/4'' Contoured Prairie

3/4'' Contoured Craftsman

1'' Contoured Colonial

1'' Contoured Praire

1'' Contoured Craftsman

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass styles offer privacy for bathrooms and other areas of your home without blocking the natural light.



Glue Chip

Narrow Reed

Satin Etched

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