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October 16, 2019 / in Door Replacement and Installation Archives  / by Gene Kirzhner

What is the Best Custom Door Company?

When choosing to work with a company regarding your home, it can be hard to discern the frauds from the experts. When it comes to custom door companies, many businesses choose to work with low-quality door manufacturers solely because they ‘look cool’.

Unfortunately, a ‘cool’ door is far from a reliable or cost-effective door, which is where finding the best custom door company comes into the picture. However, to do this, let’s look at what exterior doors are best, what materials are best, and what company provides these options locally.

Which Exterior Door is the Best?

Because a quality door company is likely to know which exterior doors are best and have a large inventory of these types of doors, let’s look into what door options are best and why.

The best door options are TITAN and Thermatru doors. The reason for this is that TITAN doors are aluminum alloy and Thermatru doors are fiberglass, two of the strongest door materials out there. They are also highly reputable brands that stand by their products, meaning issues are sure to be resolved with ease when purchasing either of these brands.

Thermatru doors recognize their connection to both stability and design in their statement, “The Thermatru Fiberglass Doors represent the essence of luxury and performance.”

What is the Best Material to use for Exterior Doors?

The best cost-effective doors are vinyl and aluminum doors. The reason for this is that, although these doors are still relatively strong and long-lasting, they are far cheaper than the remaining alternatives.

However, for those looking for a more reliable option, aluminum alloy and fiberglass doors are ideal. Why? Because aluminum alloy and fiberglass doors are airtight, providing a cooler homestead and preventing condensation buildup.

Similarly, they also are long-lasting and strong enough to defend against possible intruders or animals. This is also important when taking into account what door is right for you.

What Custom Door Companies Provide These Options?

Although these door options are highly popular, it can still be hard to find a reliable door business in your area that also provides them for a reasonable price. Fortunately, for those living in the Tucson, Phoenix, or Las Vegas areas, this is not a problem. Desert King Windows proudly provides both TITAN and Thermatru doors along with several others.

If you would like to know more about our many door options, check out our patio and entry doors page and find the right door for you and your home in no time!