UltraView HD Screens

UltraView Demo

Like Adding High Definition To
Your Windows & UltraView HD Screens

High Definition viewing now available through Desert King Windows with UltraView HD Screens. Made from a revolutionary new ultra fine fiber that is much less visible to the eye UltraView HD Screens virtually disappear when looking out through your home windows.

This smaller fiber size also allows for a tighter weave making a smaller opening for better insect protection while increasing airflow and bringing more natural brightness into your home.

UltraView HD Features

A Clearer View

The smaller fiber size blocks less of the view, reduces glare and reflection, allowing added natural brightness to create a view of unrivaled clarity.

Better Breezes

The ultra fine fiber used in UltraView HD Screens allows us to produce a smaller weave. This significantly increases airflow so those cooling breezes can freshen your home.

Designed To Be Easy to Clean

Our revolutionary ultra fine fiber also makes your screens easy to care for. No need to remove the screen to scrub or brush, simply hose off the screen with water and a standard window cleaner.

Durability: Built to Last

Like all Desert King Windows products UltraView HD Screens are designed to stand up to the elements and are available with an optional supplemental glass and screen warranty that provides extended coverage.

A Better View on the Outside

The almost invisible look of UltraView HD Screens from Desert King Windows will brighten the look of your home on the outside, adding beauty and curb appeal.