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Front Doors for Your House
April 8, 2022 / in Windows and Doors  / by Gene Kirzhner

Factors That Matter When Choosing a Front Door

The front door to your home is essential for many reasons. You. It sets the first impression of your home décor, and you also trust it to be your first line of defense against intruders. Additionally, your choice of front door contributes to your home’s energy efficiency.

To get the full benefit out of your new front door, consider these three factors:

  • Material. Aluminum alloy, fiberglass, steel, and wood are common materials used to manufacture front entry doors. Two or more of these components may be used in the latest front door systems.
    If you want a dependable and structurally solid door, an aluminum alloy or fiberglass door may be your best choice since they provide protection and durability without losing aesthetic or design.
    A Titan security door is an excellent choice if you want the most secure door. It is made of aluminum alloy and is six times stronger than steel.
  • Design. A key element to increasing the curb appeal of your home is your front door. You will undoubtedly want to select a color and design that represents your unique taste.
    At Desert King Windows, you’ll never have to choose between beauty and security. New Horizon, Riviera French sliding doors, traditional French doors, fiberglass doors, and Titan security doors are among the front doors offered by Desert King Windows. Our broad range allows you to choose the right fit for the design of your house and your personal preferences.
    If you’re looking for security doors, our Titan brand security doors come in over 40 different styles and 12 different colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches the style of your house perfectly.
  • Energy Efficiency. Not all doors are made equal, and some of them aren’t very energy efficient. The energy efficiency of a door is determined in part by the material it’s made from.
    Fiberglass doors are one of the most energy-efficient options available. Aluminum and steel are excellent heat insulators, making them good choices for energy efficiency as well.
    When selecting an entry door, the quality of the frame’s construction is equally as crucial as the door itself, since air leaks around the seal of the door are a common source of heat loss.

Contact Desert King Windows About Our Front Door Options

Beautiful entry doors constructed of top-quality wood, iron, fiberglass, and aluminum alloy are available at Desert King Windows. We are available to assist you in your selections, taking great pride in our customer service. In the Phoenix area, call us at 480-785-3923 or use our Contact form at www.desertkingwindows.com to learn more about our available options and how we can help you select the ideal front door for your house. We serve clients in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas.

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