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    Energy efficient windows and doors knock out the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. They also reduce the outside noise and dust from entering your home!

    With our free, no pressure, in home estimates, you can expect to learn about not only our products, but many windows and doors on the market. Our consultants are window experts and have the hearts of teachers. We come out to your home and listen to what you want to accomplish with new windows and doors. Then we educate you on what is available and recommend any products we feel you would benefit from. We show you samples and answer all your questions ranging from the products themselves to warranties and installation. We will give you the best pricing we can offer, and we do not use cheap and sleazy sales tactics to push our products. You get our best prices the FIRST time with no games! The quote will be guaranteed for at least 30 days.

    After an order is placed, the final measurements are taken within a week. Depending on what is ordered, most products arrive within 4-6 weeks after that measure. As for the install itself, we can typically install 6-10 windows per day.

    Desert King Windows is a local, family owned and operated company that has been around for over 20 years! The company is responsibly and ethically ran with the core mission being to produce the best value in windows and doors.

    Yes and no. If a customer installs at least 4 windows at a time, that will be the biggest price break. As long as a customer does 4 at a time, they will not be paying extra. But we have financing so they can get them all done at once and pay them off slowly while enjoying the energy savings along with less dust and outside noise! Plus, all out dated windows leak air. If you had 10 holes in your boat, would you fix only 4 at a time?? NOPE!

    If its an existing house, no. They are one and the same. If its a newly built house, it has new windows but they are builder grade windows and will be outdated within 5-10 years.