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Why Farmhouse Style Windows
March 18, 2020 / in Windows Replacement and Installation Archives  / by Gene Kirzhner

Why Farmhouse Style Windows are a Must-Have This Year – Desert King Windows

Just as every home has a soul and distinct originality, windows have a certain level of uniqueness that can either be understated or utterly over-the-top. In this way, windows are very much the ‘windows to the soul’ of a home.

With this said, it’s no wonder why farmhouse windows have become so popular. With a distinct flair and a sense of comfort to them, farmhouse windows are the perfect addition to any home in the country, a loft in the city, or residential mansion alike.

However, to fully get a grasp on how to properly implement this modern window trend into your own home, we must first take a look at some of the various windows for farmhouse design and also analyze the aesthetic appeal associated with them. In doing this, we can finally understand why these rustic windows are so popular and whether they are the right home addition for you.

Windows for Farmhouse Design

The farmhouse design style is based on the concept of family, openness, a connection with nature, and practicality. With this said, a farmhouse window is one that is large, tall, and far more open than a typical window might be. These windows provide a feeling of more space in the home and also give you that connection to nature that makes the home more comfortable and exciting.

Instead of a bland photo or a blank wall, enjoy the unpredictability of nature and the beauty of the seasons each and every day. Although there are countless options to choose from, the Aristocrat Casement series provides that openness and also offers many options for homeowners to personalize their house accordingly.

Aesthetic Appeal of Farmhouse Windows

Lastly, with the design and the reasoning for the design discovered, all that is left is why the design is so aesthetically appealing. The answer comes in two forms: the design elements and the feelings they evoke. When it comes to home design, bigger and more spacious is always better. Using tricks like larger windows or tearing down walls are great ways to get this depth without actually expanding upon the house itself.

In the same sense, the reason why space is so essential to a homeowner is that it takes a confined living arrangement and gives it a sense of freedom and opportunity.

With all of this in mind, perhaps it’s time you start shopping for the right farmhouse windows for you and your home. If you’re in the Tucson area and are looking for some help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to Desert King Windows today! We’re always happy to help!