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How to Choose the Best Security Doors
September 18, 2019 / in Door Replacement and Installation Archives  / by Gene Kirzhner

How to Choose the Best Security Doors

According to Safewise, “At least 34% of [home intruders] enter through a home’s front door and, once inside, they can burglarize the place in less than ten minutes.”

Although these numbers may seem disheartening, by choosing a reliable security door option for your home, you can quickly diminish these numbers significantly. However, finding the right home security door can be difficult as not every security door is as safe as it may claim to be. Fortunately, we at Desert King Windows recognize this concern and have compiled a list of some of the best doors for security currently on the market. With your home security remaining a huge priority in our eyes, we hope this list will help you to make the right decision and keep your home and your family safe from any and all danger that may come your way.

The Best Doors for Security

To truly determine the best doors for security, let’s take a look at what makes a good security door. For starters, a good security door is typically made out of strong materials. This can still mean wood, but in many cases, the doors are equipped with metal cores to help keep the door sturdy even when drop-kicked by an intruder.

Similarly, a security door must also be a ‘master of disguise’. If it is obvious that your door is a security door, you will be more likely to have an intruder try a different door or window first, which diminishes your ability to be alerted by a struggle at your front door and prepared for the intruder’s entry.

Lastly, the best doors for security also are simply good doors. For instance, good doors have weather resistance and last a long time. If a security door can’t withstand bad weather conditions or hold strong over time, this means that you paid for temporary safety rather than reliability over time.

With all of this said, the question still remains; which security door is truly the best? After years of being in the industry and seeing all brands and types of doors, the answer to us is clear; TITAN security doors. TITAN doors have all of the qualities above and then some which make them a great choice for security and home renovation alike.

However, to truly seal the deal, let’s take a look at why these doors are so effective and why countless homeowners choose this brand over all others when searching for the best security door on the market.

Why Choose TITAN Security Doors?

According to TITAN security themselves, “Titan Security Doors add safety, security and curb appeal to your home. Made from Aluminum alloy, these security doors are up to 6x stronger than steel. With over 40 styles in 12 colors to choose from, you can be certain that one will compliment your home perfectly.”

On top of all of the things that make up a door security door above, TITAN also provides style and visual appeal, which is something many security doors lack. Beyond this, the variety allows every homeowner to find what they are looking for while the material the doors are made out of also help to make the doors cost-effective and long-lasting as well.

With all of this said, it’s clear why these modern, reliable, and secure doors are a number one choice by homeowners nationwide and why you should consider one as well. If you would like to know more about Desert King Windows and our connection to TITAN in the Tucson, Arizona area, feel free to contact us today and let’s find the right security door for you.